Women  It´s Time To Bloom

Online Workshop

January 23 to February 20

Tuesday  5pm to 7pm PST/ 6 to 8pm PST / 8pm to 10pm EST

Are you ready to express your natural talents,
reconnect with your true essence and embrace your power?

It’s time to blossom! Join us on a transformative 5-week online workshop journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

It is time to reconnect with your essence, strengthen your roots and connection with Mother Earth, the elements and the universe.

Let’s heal our wounds and unlock our pleasure, power and creative and feminine energy by awakening our inner artist.

Let us remember our unique gifts and talents and nourish life by giving flowers and fruits that beautify the world from our essence.

Join us as we embark on this enriching experience together. RSVP now and let your inner beauty bloom!

The workshop consists of 5 online classes via Zoom, every Tuesday from 5:00pm  to 7:00 p.m. PST hour, (6-8 pm MST / 8-10 pm EST) starting January 23 and ending February 20.

 In these classes we will explore theoretical concepts and perform Biodanza exercises, voice activation and visualizations to activate your power and essence using your whole being.  

We will have Rituals to activate altars of our ancestors, of the 4 elements and the medicine wheel. 

We will learn ancestral wisdom and ancestral forms to connect to Mother Earth and the alchemy of life.

Throughout the workshop, we will be connected through a WhatsApp group where I will share weekly guides, practical exercises, ceremonial chants, and guided meditations, which allow for a deeper integration of the teachings and experiences.

I will ask you to keep a journal.


Tatiana Samper – a little bit about me 

I am a medicine woman, biologist, musician, author , Biodanza teacher and mother of Mayna.

I consider myself a Human Ecologist. I truly believe that to help Mother Earth we have to change from within. 

 I have walked the Ancestral path with elders since 2000 when I went to live in the Amazon Rainforest for almost 2 years.

Since then I have connect deeply to the Spirit of Mother Earth and have learned with different indigenous tribes around the world following the Red Road Path.

In 2009  I began to be part of the Moon Dance circle Huiztlampayotl Metzli in Colombia, and in 2014  I received the Sacred obsidian Peace Pipe. In 2015 I received the Blessing of the Temazcal (Sweat Lodge ) by Abuela Margarita Nuñez with whom I did my 4 vision quests.  Since 2021 I have been dancing to the Moon in Mount shasta California in the ChicuautliMetzli circle .

Since 2013, I have been working with women leading circles and different workshops and retreats.

In 2018, I created  Es Tiempo de FloreSer  (It is Time To Blossom online workshop ) and I have provided to 200 women around the world with beautiful experiences and results.  

Through my  music, online workshops and Temazcal ceremonies, I spread the message of unity and love with Mother Earth helping people heal and reconnect with the Spirit of life and reconnect to the nature within.



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Welcome to join this beautiful journey of transformation!

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